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  • The World's Largest Cannon

    The World's Largest Cannon, all 35 feet of her, was built in South Africa by Elvin Bale, his fourth prototype design, then shipped to Hong Kong and finally the U.S. The totally automatic cannon has appeared on Live with Regis and Kathy Lee, World News Tonight with Peter Jennings, 60 Minutes, 48 Hours, TV. Special Daredevils, and on the Discovery Channel in a documentary called Human Cannonballs. The World's Largest Cannon can shoot a human projectile up to 200 feet, reaching heights of 60 feet, and has been astounding crowds for the last 10 years under contract to Cole Bros. Circus.


  • Motorcycle Daredevils in "The Sphere Of Danger"

    A brand new concept, designed by Elvin Bale and built in Brazil, the Sphere of Danger debuted in 2007. Three world-champion motorcyclists, with a combined 30 years experience, race around the inside of the sphere, and crowds all over America have let out collective gasps as the sphere splits in the middle with two riders zipping around the top half of the sphere and one in the lower half. The speed of the riders is unprecedented because of the tight diameter of the globe, which also helps make it the most mobile globe in the world, quickly maneuvering in and out of a performing space. Click Here For Video

  • The Astro Cycle

    The sky's the limit with the Astro Cycle, first debuted by Elvin Bale on Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus. Featured on the TV special Circus Super Heroes with Bruce Jenner, Bale rode the cycle 300 feet in the air between the cliffs at Black Beach in San Diego. Bale and the Astro Cycle also opened the Superdome 150 feet above the ground in front of a 60,000-person standing ovation. The Astro Cycle figured prominently in the IMAX movie at Circus World, a Central Florida theme park owned by Ringling Bros Barnum and Bailey and Mattel Toys. Among other death-defying maneuvers, the rider rotates the cycle around the high wire, does a handstand on the handlebars, and stands on the saddle as the cycle roars backwards down the wire. The Astro Cycle performed for 10 years on RBBB and for five years on Cole Bros. Circus.

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