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The Worlds Greatest Daredevil

Elvin Bale Productions represents some of the worlds top Stunt Artists and Thrill acts. The Human Cannonball, The Astrocycle, The Wheel of Death; Elvin has done them all and thrilled audiences for many years.

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Elvin Bale Productions

We provide world-class, thrilling entertainment for events around the world. Our clients include Circuses, Carnivals, Theme Parks, Cruise Ships, Corporate Events, Sports Shows and more. We have over 30 years of experience in live entertainment and large-scale thrill attractions. We are the number one provider of thrill acts in the world.

Motorcycle Globe


3 motorcycles at blazing speeds inside the most unique motor-dome in existence.


Svetlana Gololobova


The only female in the world today to perform the incredible one finger stand.


The Human Cannonball


You’ll find that ninety-nine pound Tetyana, billed as “Ukraine’s Blonde Bombshell,” is no lightweight when it comes to catapulting from the World’s Largest Cannon


Motorcycle Mania!


Motorcycle thrills at high altitudes. This motorcyclist ride high on a thin wire.


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